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My name is Kristi Hicks and our family’s shared hope on our 80 acre Giant German Shepherd’s Ranch, is to continue the legacy of the true, original, straight backed, AKC Registered, Working-Line, Giant German Shepherd Dogs. Located just east of the Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas metroplex, our goal is to hold true to the original breed characteristics noticed as far back as 1899. I am excited to continue on this journey, and through my passion for the true German Shepherd characteristics, my integrity as a breeder, and respect for both animal and owner, I hope to produce the highest quality companion, family, guardian, service, or working line Straight backed Giant German Shepherd dogs that you can find .

While there are many opinions of what a German Shepherd’s characteristics should be, please check our Breed Info page where we share a brief history of the breed, and characteristics we breed for and avoid.


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