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A brief history of the German Shepherd dog, and the characteristics that we aim to preserve.

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The Working Line German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most recognized breeds in the world. They are also one of the most popular dog breeds registered by the American Kennel Club. The working line German Shepherd dog is considered one of the most trainable dogs in the world. The breed originated in Germany in 1899 and was bred to herd and guard sheep.

Created to work, the German shepherd is intelligent, strong, athletic, and eager to please. 

Since German shepherds are so intelligent, they are notably easy to train and enjoy an active lifestyle. They do well in a working environment and in active family homes. They are often seen working alongside law enforcement and the military. They excel in protection, drug and explosives detection, search and rescue, and as service dogs.

They also enjoy training, obedience, dog sports, and hanging out with their owners. They have tons of energy and as family pets, love to play, run, hike, go on walks, do jobs around the house, and of course protect their families.

Today, there are two common lines of German shepherd dogs – the working line and the show line. All German shepherds originated from the original German line but over the years have developed into two distinct types of dogs differing in appearance, and temperament due to breeding.


Knowing which German shepherd is right for your family includes understanding the breed. Since German shepherds are so energetic, smart, and loyal, they need to be included in family activities and do best when close to their owners.


There is no more loyal, smart, and companionable dog than the German shepherd and when bringing one home, by taking the time to understand the line as well as their heritage will help you choose your new best friend.


Please feel free to share this helpful article with your friends. 

German Shepherds have been around for a relatively short period of time compared to many dog breeds. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and versatility. Though the breed’s form and function vary by region, we as breeders have endeavored to maintain the original qualities set forth by its founder. These qualities include big bones, straight backs, intelligence, soundness, strength, and working ability.


Like many breeds, the dogs have evolved over time. For instance, today there are distinct differences between show-line and working-line German Shepherd Dogs. We as well as many others believe these changes have been to the detriment of the breed, and for these reasons we are committed to carry on the old-fashioned bloodline here at Giant German Shepherd’s Ranch. 

In our opinion, there is an application and a home for every dog. We believe the goal of a breeder should be to strive to produce a dog that’s most capable of performing its intended function. In the hunt for perfection in traits we keep the most important characteristics our first priority to ensure that our customers get a healthy, intelligent, and well-mannered dog.

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