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As their name implies, the German Shepherds was bred to herd flocks of livestock in harsh climates. They generally have a medium-length, double coat that accommodates this purpose perfectly. It acts as protection from the elements and is usually resistant to burrs or dirt. Coat lengths are as varied as colors, where some are longhaired, others are medium, and some have short hair. The inner coat is softer and straighter whereas the outer is wavier and wirier.


Due to the double coat this breed has, they are prone to shedding year-round. However, roughly twice a year, they may experience “blows”, or a shed of a larger amount of hair all at once. Brushing coats two to three times per week is recommended to control the amount of shed that would otherwise land on clothes or furniture.

German Shepherds tend to be clean and odorless but may require the occasional bath. Care should be given with bathing, as often too much of the natural protective oils are stripped from their coat. To avoid this, we recommend selecting a light duty and hypoallergenic shampoo and using it sparingly.

Nails should be trimmed at least monthly. Ears should be checked weekly for dirt, irritation, or odor and then wiped clean. Sturdy dental chews or bones are good for fighting tartar buildup on teeth. However, brushing daily further helps to ensure healthy gums and teeth. For brushing, we recommend a soft bristled toothbrush and K9 toothpaste.


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