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our kennel

Our breeding program is unique. Because we breed specifically for service dog placement (YES, we do sell to “regular” people.), our standards are very high. We are breeding life altering dogs, which is a task that we take very seriously. In order for a service dog to succeed, that dog must be calm, confidant, intelligent, and people focused. Physically, that dog must have excellent structure, solid muscle tone, and be free from the physical issues that many German Shepherds now suffer from.

Oddly enough, the very same traits that allow for service dog placement make phenomenal family pets for “regular” people. Dogs with a relaxed and confidant disposition. Affectionate, intelligent, and easy to train. Extremely focused on “their people”. Healthy dogs, with a long lifespan. Appropriate protective instincts that provide the feeling of safety that people want.

In order to provide all of this, we have put together a phenomenal group of dogs that we breed. All are AKC registered, which allows us to AKC register our puppies. All of our dogs are chosen for their temperaments, and their health test results, as well as our size requirements. We OFA certify both hips and elbows. Our dogs have OFA certs of either “good” or “excellent”, and have elbows certs of “normal”. All of our dogs test as completely clear of Degenerative Myelopathy, a crippling hereditary disease. 

We carefully pair our dogs, after all health clearances, based on temperamant, size, color and disposition to produce specific results.

Once born, each puppy is handled extensively. We engage in ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) from day one, in order to ensure confidant, alert puppies. A family member sleeps in the same room with the puppies for the first 30 days. They are heavily socialized with children, adults, cats, and other dogs. They are exposed to different environments, noises, smells, temperatures, different surfaces under their feet. We live on an 80 acre ranch so the puppies are exposed to many different sights and sounds on a daily basis. They also interact with a variety of people from young children to elderly family members.

Throughout the time taht the puppies are here with us, they are raised in our home with large amounts of human interaction, not warehoused in kennels. They are fed the best possible food starting at 3 weeks of age (along with their mother’s milk) for proper physical development.

We keep our puppies for 8 weeks, which allows for bonding time, increased emotional development, and a greater level of confidence.

Then we screen potential purchasers with numerous conversations and references if needed. We want the puppy’s new owner to be sure they are making the right choice for their family or work environment. We allow the purchaser to spend time with each puppy, so that they know they are taking the right dog home with them. It is, after all, a huge life decision for both the puppy…and the owner.

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